TAP 1.5 – What’s New

TAP 1.5 is a major release for Tanzu Application Platform!!!!!

This release includes, new components, new features, enhancements to existing features, and many bug fixes, all coming together to create an amazing release!

There are way to many features in this release for a single blog post, so I have split the key enhancements I am excited about into dedicated blog posts, each covering a specific topic, in order to make it more digestible.

New Components in TAP 1.5

  1. Bitnami Services
  2. Crossplane
  3. Application Configuration Service
  4. Spring Cloud Gateway
  5. GitOps Installation
  6. Trivy + Aqua Scanner

Key New Features

  1. Namespace Provisioner Enhancements
  2. Dynamic Service Provisioning
  3. Azure DevOps Support
  4. Application Accelerator Enhancements
  5. IntelliJ and VSCode Extension Enhancements
  6. App SSO enhancements
  7. New External Secrets Operator CLI Plugin

Additional Improvements in TAP 1.5

Beyond all of the above subjects, a few other notable improvements have been made:

  1. TAP GUI can now auto configure access to the metadata store! This is a huge improvement over the manual configuration needed in TAP 1.4 and bellow.
  2. Improved security model for services toolkit. This is a key new ability to limit via K8s RBAC which users can claim what types of services, making the Self service, with guardrails a much more feasible solution for companies to adopt.
  3. TBS now defaults all builds to be based on the Ubuntu Jammy Stack instead of the Bionic stack.
  4. Source and Image scanning components can now be run on Service Mesh enabled clusters, moving us a step closer, in the journey of end to end support and integration between Tanzu Service Mesh and TAP!
  5. New OOTB Supply chain variant for Server workloads which outputs a carvel package instead of a deliverable for a workload. This new model enables more flexibility in terms of changing runtime values between environments when promoting artifacts between environments. It also lends itself well to environments that have different registries from one another, as carvel packages are easily relocatable along with their images in a single artifact.


This release is a huge milestone for TAP, and it is truly amazing to see how TAP is growing and becoming more and more robust with every release.

If this is the pace of advancement with each release, TAP truly has a bright future ahead, and I am truly happy to be coming along for the ride, enjoying the great features, and capabilities being unlocked via TAP for our customers and their end users.

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