TAP 1.6 – New Bitnami Services

In TAP 1.5, VMware added the integration with Crossplane for dynamic backend service provisioning.

With TAP 1.5, we also got a few OOTB Bitnami backed offerings that utilize this Crossplane integration. Now in TAP 1.6, this integration has been expanded to also support MongoDB and Kafka.

These 2 new services integrate easily with spring boot applications using spring cloud bindings, as well as a bunch of other languages and frameworks, which have implementations for the service binding specification for kubernetes.

While many organizations will end up building their own offerings for backing services that are more tailor made for their exact needs and requirements, having more and more OOTB offerings is an amazing thing.

These OOTB offerings allow for a quick and easy way to get started using service bindings, and can be expanded on, and customized to your needs, as you mature with your adoption of the platform.

just as was the case with the previous version of the bitnami services in TAP 1.5, we can not only use the open source Bitnami based charts, but you can also easily integrate this with charts provided via VMware Application Catalog, which is the commercial offering based on the Bitnami catalog, with some really great security, manageability, and traceability benefits.

Overall, this is a addition to the product which may go un-noticed by many, but the simple fact that just as in TAP 1.5 i could simply run:

tanzu services class-claim create my-psql \
    --class postgresql-unmanaged \
    --paramater storageGB=10

and get a PostgreSQL cluster up and running, and ready to be bound to my application, you can now run the same for mongodb or kafka, my simple changing the name of the class:

tanzu services class-claim create my-mongo \
    --class mongodb-unmanaged \
    --paramater storageGB=10

tanzu services class-claim create my-kafka \
    --class kafka-unmanaged \
    --paramater storageGB=10

The simplicity of the UX, with the huge power and flexibility it provides, is truly amazing!

I’m really happy to see this offering is still growing with every release, and can’t wait to see what will be coming in future releases as well to keep on enhancing this amazing feature of TAP!

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