VMware Explore 2023 Las Vegas – Recap


This years VMware Explore in Las Vegas was an amazing conference filled with great content and an overall really good vibe.

The announcements that were made during the conference were extremely interesting and it is great to see the deep investment VMware are making in the AI world together with Nvidia with the whole Private AI Foundation announcement.

VMware also announced the changes in the Aria and Tanzu spaces, which while again we need to get used to new names, and rebranding of products, I believe is actually a much more cohesive and powerful separation of the products and focuses between the 2 suites of products, which will ultimately be better for VMware customers.

Tanzu News

As part of the conference this year, VMware announced the new model of the Tanzu Portfolio, which is now focused on both Cloud Native Applications and platforms, as well as on Multi Cloud Management.

Within the New and revamped Tanzu, we now will find 2 main offerings:

  1. Tanzu Application Platform (TAP)
  2. Tanzu Intelligence Services (TIS)

Tanzu Application Platform

TAP, which should not be confused with what was known as TAP till this conference, as that is only a part of it. the new TAP is actually the combination of the previous TAP, together with TMC, TSM and the new and truly amazing Tanzu Application Engine (more details in a dedicated post)!

Tanzu Intelligence Services

TIS includes different tools including (Wavefront, ah no Tanzu Observability, ah no Aria Operations for Applications, ah no Tanzu Insights), Cloud Health as well as new and exciting features to be added in the near future which will enable for continuous and highly optimized intelligence services for constant optimization of our environments.

Aria Updates

While last year the buzz of aria was multi cloud, the vast majority of the multi cloud features like Hub and Graph were moved to be part of Tanzu, and Aria is refocusing on the core elements it started from which is the intial vRealize Suite of tools (vRA, vROPS, vRLI and vRNI), and is refocusing mostly on Private and Hybrid clouds.


at the conference it seemed to be made pretty clear the benefits that this acquisition will bring, and I believe that while only time will tell, the opportunities this acquisition can bring are huge for all of VMware and broadcoms customers. hopefully with the right execution, and the right amount of time for adjustments, the market will realize how great this move was for all parties.


The conference included some amazing content, and its truly great to see the innovation coming out from VMware!

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