TAP 1.6 – What’s New

TAP 1.6 is a huge release with some really awesome new features, both brand new components, as well as improving the experience around existing ones.

In this series of posts, we will take a look at some of the key new features in TAP 1.6 including:

Brand New Components:

  1. Local Source Proxy
  2. Tanzu Developer Portal Configurator
  3. Artifact Metadata Repository Observer
  4. CVE Triage flow via Tanzu insight CLI

Improved Features

  1. Supply Chain Backstage Plugin Improvements
  2. Crossplane Upgrade
  3. New Bitnami Services
  4. AppSSO Improvements
  5. Tanzu CLI Management Improvements
  6. TBS Improvements
  7. App Live View Improvements
  8. GitOps Installation using Vault
  9. App Scanning 2.0
  10. Namespace Provisioner Improvements
  11. Metadata Store Improvements
  12. IDE Plugin Improvements

This is only a partial list and many other updates have been made, but these are the key ones that I believe are truly impressive to see.

It never stops to amaze me, the speed at which VMware are pushing in these new features in TAP, making it a truly amazing one of a kind offering!

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